Friday, May 05, 2006

"by this felt necessity"

The Eternal Return is merely the mode of its development. The feeling of vertigo results from the *once-and-for-all* in which the subject is surprised by the dance of *innumerable times*: the *once-and-for-all* disappears. The intensity emits a series of infinite vibrations of being, and it is these vibrations that project the individual self *outisde of itself* as so many *dissonances*. Everything resounds until the consonance of this single moment is re-established, where the dissonances are once again resolved.

At the level of consciousness, meaning and goal are lost. They are *everywhere* and *nowhere* in the Vicious Circle, since there is no point on the Circle that cannot be *both the beginning and the end*.

Finally, the Eternal Return, at its inception, was not a representation, nor was it, strictly speaking, a postulate; it was a *lived fact*, and as a thought, it was a *sudden* thought. Phantasm or not, the experience of Sils-Maria exercised its constraint as an ineluctable necessity. Alternating between dread and elation, Nietzsche's interpretations will be insipred by this moment, by this felt necessity.
--Pierre Klossowski

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