Sunday, May 07, 2006

Drawing Restraint ("second summer shed")

“Cocoon above! Cocoon below!”
--Emily Dickinson

A place for perforation
The spirit-skin

Because it is dark
We can only pretend

Where hands end
Knives begin.


This is of neither of our ends
Nor constitutive of a means

Invisible bees for effect
And amputations together

We make a new soul
Our vessel is called creation

Vigilance is made from a mold
Whereof we are this eventual crust.


Horror being made
Of these products and joy being made

Of these ducts
Culture is a process

Of horrifying enjoyment
These limbs beginning in the soul

Are delimited and first:
"My life, my gas"


Being a drawing...

Sex is a mouth full of pearls
and blackened teeth

Sex is a decision for decision,
l'esprit de corps.


To ceremony The Open.

To perforate envelope.

Cocoon above, cut below.


"In thoughts of the visions
of night, I saw

long rows of angels in paradise,
each with his hands

in a jar of spermeceti."
"Who would think, then,

that such fine
ladies and gentlemen

should regale themselves
with an essence

found in the inglorious
bowels of a sick whale."

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