Sunday, May 07, 2006

4 Spiritual Poems

"Instinct intent on its own preservation does not touch, because it does not encroach on cinders that replace distance but affect no space."
--Louis Zukofsky


All the glass disappeared.
All the cases.

Only the case
Was left. In other words

Other words
Will fail us if they don’t

Now they will then.

The proximity of dark
Informing our kindred

The pen
Of the hid.

The holocausts
Still kindled.


Love thought too much.

We decided
To decide.

We decided there should be
A third party

Whose body
Should purely be

An object
And we will enjoy

That object as if
It were each other’s body.

The video plays on but
What will be sovereign.


Imagine the dark were your

An envelope for
Your body. Your body

An envelope
For thought.

Thought an intention
Of feeling.

Feeling a parousia of cause.


“He wouldn’t
Say shit

If his mouth
Were full of it”.

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