Friday, April 14, 2006

"At the limit of these polar terms..."

Symbolic Gesture <--------------------------------------------> Ethical Undergoing

At the limit of these polar terms we may site the undecidable by unsighting. In the most extreme cases of psychotic withdrawal it is unknowable the reality of language and perception, or to what extent a subject is "acting". For Lacan of *The Psychoses (1954-1955)*, psychosis is always a question of articulation and to whom (what other) the subject speaks, imagining, intending however falsely, this speaking. If acting assumes truths against Truth (if one can act like another, or assume a role, they *are* that other, as "real" as that other) then it is neither ironic reflection or mystical/occult undergoing/withdrawal I am trying to locate discretely per se. But a chiasmus of experience and non-experience, sense and non-sense where this criss-crossing serves the ethical, social and political. An exterior beyond intersubjectivity, in other words. An exterior at a limit of interiority...

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