Thursday, March 09, 2006

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3/8/06 on Jim Behrle, Rhys Chatham @ Tonic, the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg, and Iraq

"Thanks for the link. Phunny
stuph. Chatham
was great fun--warm
& fuzzy
guitar minimalism,
pulsing down
that mass-
tonal highway. Rock
as members
of the high school minimalist band.
A piece called
"Out of Tune Guitars",
guess what,
6-7 hastily detuned guitars.
I'm checking a
society column, what's the
current slang for "ennui"?
& how come the
British, Swedish & Belgian
royal families have official web sites,
but not the
Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg?
What are they hiding?
Where are they hiding?
Did you know
Prince Harry (3rd in line
for British throne)
might go
to Iraq to fight?
What if he got
abducted & had his head lopped off on
videotape-- 1789 comes
to England,
about bloody time.
Speaking of which, do
you think
I could get a Fullbright
if I applied to study in Iraq? One idea is
I could just go
there &
retype Kipling's
"White Man's Burden,"
except heavily redacted. [...]"*

*my lineations

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