Thursday, March 09, 2006

Intuiting Beuys (Project)

To produce intuitions (a purer knowing?) from meditations on individual drawings from Madrid Codices (1974). Through a form of repetition not unlike that Leonardo uses to begin in inchoates towards discovering forms, or Beuys uses after Leonardo at the level both of word and drawing.

Here I am most interested in the conveyance of energy as graphic mark, whether letter or drawing -- or sound as Beuys recognizes it to also make marks in air, to leave acoustical traces... If there were such thing as an ontological acoustical trace, Beuys wld definitely leave it thru his drawings...

Beuys' drawings seem not just figuratively, but literally of tracings. As tho the holographies, the holographic tracings, of different bodies, objects, schemes, words. A holography or typology of energy patterns. Marks constituted by different energies overlaying each other -- interpenetrating, intussucepting. Coeval and yet heterogenous, as such.

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