Thursday, June 30, 2016

For Julius Eastman

For the basic
For the base not the super-structure
There is this structure

There is a motive to song
Dissonant and aswarm
Like killer bees or simply

Bees riled collectively
These refrains increase
We are their surcease

The reason for this ante-
anthem other pronouns
Don’t like othering

Real basic like a feeling
Or a feeling of a feeling

Without a season or
Stars to guide you
There is this structure

Not anarchy
This end of theme
Of fugue

Against Cage’s silence
Meaning being in
The closet

Beyond Reich’s bruised blood
His drumming
There is a motive

Actual refusal and not a semblance
In dissonance
He makes a plan

Picks the right instrument
To kill whitey
Tear it up

Controlled bellowing
Let the rest balloon
Until all masters are dead

Or this isn’t antagonism
After 400 years
But stasis sustained by noise

By swarms erring
Until the End of the world
Composition carries this

Of the post-expectant
Of redress or what counts

As redress counting-off
Gives Bach a reason
To do evil

To do evil against evil
Be crazier than the craziest
Grammar of suffering

Because you had to act sane
In this sea of whiteness
Martyring a piano

An instrumentation
To alchemize voice

Mackey’s wear and tear
Of too much heaven
Coming up for air

In hell’s sub-basement
Its sub-sub-basement
Smoking with all the lights on.

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