Monday, September 29, 2014

Cara Benedetto's "Come Early & Often" speech

Thank you all for being present and thanks to her for coming. After tonight I believe and hope in my deepest labic imaginary hole vision that all of you will never come, in that one way, ever again.
Ten years ago, I was asked to volunteer as an artist every day until this day and beyond. Back then it seemed as though I needed to feed on my own flesh, self harm into my own ability to feel again, because I felt so much. But now I realize I needed so much more than holes. That I’m here for the dream of we. For us, I am here as an intern, an artist, and an event planner for this incredible organization of one.
Together my organization is big enough for me and your money. it houses all kinds of cheap anecdotes for events like these. it can wear the smile mom loves, and under all this vintage goodman is a sad professional just waiting to inhale your bank account for the sake of all artists, rich or poor.
That’s incriminating.
Once upon a time I had a job where every woman had to pee into a cup to test for drugs but I knew that the boss just wanted to know if She had an STD, because He had open wounds all over his face. I also prayed and sucked, because my face was swelling up like  hallmark and the only thing that helped was a thick golden shower.
The fact of the matter was, was that he didn’t know the difference between bought and paid, but I did, and she did too. This was also when I realized that the dream team wasn’t a we it was a body bag for her. and nobody knew the difference, not even Him.
So there it is, plain as day. our kids look like you and they might always look like you but that doesn’t mean you’ll always like them. that they won’t self harm or self help themselves into being because nobody liked the way they said Stop.
Long pause
I suggest that we take lunch.
Because we all need our own white box slum and gifts don’t wrap themselves. But before you go I will tell you that What we need what we really need is a program that doesn’t require remote controls because cum covered fingers don’t work rapid fire. 
Because I joined when there were enough wet naps for all of us.
Because this event is all about our hunger as new Yorkers and your feelings of goodness and trying to figure out why we support artists that pick fights with the very things that fill our faces with pain and longing. and other high end delectables.
Because we need to sometimes support things we will never understand because we can’t,
Because they’re not us,
Because we don’t deserve to know how much they hate themselves so that we can revel in our own pain.
so dig deep, dig hard and wrap your body at the door.
(Composed by Cara Benedetto; performed at "Come Early & Often" benefit, 9/21/14)

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