Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sorry not to write you back sooner...

Sorry not to write you back sooner
I have been a bit spaced-out
I saw a picture of you and Marianne on FB recently—
You look great together!
Ugh, not looking forward to breaking this news to a triple Scorpio
At the castle now it is weird to have time to do anything I want
Sort of freaks me out, though I guess I should enjoy it

How is everyone? Are we still feeling this?
Just wanted to make sure I didn't lose track of you
I have been in Europe and not in New York
Lovely picture of the girls
Let's take a walk when I get back... long overdue! 
Glad you are finding a little time to relax with Mel,
And hopefully some poetry

This looks great!
I can't believe my time is already up at the castle
I think this will definitely up the ante...
I hope the holidays have been grand in Greece!
Things were pretty quiet here.
A bunch of us cooked followed by karaoke.
I can't remember the last time I karaoked.

We will Skype
Just in case you were wondering what you missed while you were
Away from the castle... 
I was using the site in English and also using Google
Maps with the address you gave
Me, so I really don't know what
I could have been doing wrong

It is a missed opportunity for sure
Send word from the motherland when you can...
I hope you guys won't hate me
I have been completely out-to-lunch
Holed up in the castle. Take a bus? A cab?
I'm looking forward to seeing you
And to having a little adventure...

Late to rise this dreariest of mornings...
Great moves on the dance floor last night!
I would happily attempt to produce my famous chowder
If everyone contributes a bottle of wine and a dessert
Fruit and a flight of cheeses for hors d'oeuvres
And maybe a single malt for aperitif
I will bring the hip-hop mix...

However quahogs may be difficult to come by 
Sorry for being 'complicated'!
Just wanted to check in about plans to visit
I'm sorry for my ambivalence; I bend too easily sometimes
I thought I would wake up and regret what I wrote
In fact, I woke up feeling less angry
But still a little angry at what he wrote

Today's a day I have been putting off for awhile
Wishing it was colder and snowier here
Not the weather I was expecting
Really could use an ocean right now
A forest just isn’t the same
Last night I wrote a poem about seeing The Hunger Games
In German… how that felt.

I just took a big fat shit
I hope this is OK
Typical manager...
Sometimes I feel that if I never hear another word
In German it will be too soon
I tend to agree with you
That we shouldn't let these works go so easily

I want to respect her input.
I am going to follow your lead,
which is basically what I just did in an email
I am a little frustrated that we cannot talk
At this point all I can do is point to the fact
That I feel totally in the dark
All I can do not to lose my temper 

I'm sorry, my brain is warped
I am, in a word, cranky
Will write you a real letter soon
Just had to withdraw from all communication
You will have to tell me about it in person
Regardless, the book will be grand!
Is there something I missed? In understanding,

Got momentarily swallowed up by the castle!
I think this would be a better way to proceed
Everything is very murky right now 
Maybe subtlizing 
I feel really out of the loop
It is totally abstract to me
I just tried calling but your mailbox is full 

I'm very sorry I couldn't visit
A missed opportunity!
I would like to donate
I am in the castle, yes!
Listening to Chopin's Nocturnes and drinking coffee
While I try to write this poem
Which I don't like writing

I started sharing some of these on Facebook
Working through the complicated feelings
I'm attaching that, in case you are interested
I wrote it in like two hours
I also really love the forest
Where I have been jogging
God, every track is so good!

Thinking of you guys from afar
Gosh, I hope it is not too soon to send you this
Since you expressed a curiosity in how I might start
I feel compelled to share
I hope I have not wrongfully depicted you!
I have some notes for how it might continue and expand
I'm home for the evening and will have Skype

Quasi-slavery and male pregnancy—perfect combo!
I had forgotten that he connects us
Very rare in my current life
I can't believe that much time has passed
I also would love to read more
If there is any you'd be willing to to share
The reading you gave at the Poetry Project was extraordinarily moving! 

I have a lot to say,
But am holding my tongue
That a place be reserved for them
As a kind of placeholder
If only their names suspended over a blank page
Here is the initial letter
Hope all is going well with life

I'm quite happy to not be working
I wanted to run an idea past you
Which I hope you will feel
Especially around ideas of "friendship" and "community,"
To play with the idea of how the book emerges
What I would like to do is invite nearly everyone
I've always wanted to collaborate on something

I miss our conversation!
Never mind that last email
Uploading to Facebook
It was super depressing the last time I popped in there
Very few books on the shelf
I actually don't know a word of German
(imagine a lot of pointing and apologizing)

Good to talk about vintage clothing, I Love Dick, teaching, and other
Subjects tonight... I hope you are surviving the endless party!
I let a few things go to waste
I also really would prefer apples, pears, grapes, and bananas
I hope I am not being too picky!
If there is any way to also get something leafy, like some spinach or lettuce, I would really 
Appreciate that

I hope I am not making too many demands on you!
Thank you for your many efforts.

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