Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Buffy’s Two Bodies

What to do with the bodies of a girl
I wonder, how the girl

Becomes an idea
Of power and dispossession

Simultaneously, like in Spring
Breakers when they stick

Two guns in Franco’s mouth
And he starts sucking on

The barrels (double penetration?)
How the ski masks anticipate

Pussy Riot, and how Pussy
Riot antecedes all martyrs,

Every concept of the messianic
Because there is really only one

So that when they dance
To Britney this is an ironic

Choreography of (female) power
Two remain as if

To evoke the doubleness
Of (feminine) violence

The girl’s two bodies
As they lay waste to the world

I heard Pussy Riot is being freed
And watched videos

Of Voina today, whose art
Pranks landed them in prison,

The video where they shoplift
By secreting poultry

In their vaginas, the video
Where they pretend to

Hang immigrants in a
Department store.

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