Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 90s

I awake to this apocalypse too
And Black Earth like the earth
Was dying into the 90s
Where I was born

So the dead awaken
I am this grave of empathy
Left over from wanting to live
So dying becomes a property of life again


Put the munis back in community
Wanting it is a sign of our alienation
Hurt today that I appeared (hurt)

These personal apocalypses and these collective apocalypses
Render an affect of high school
This inner light and that outer light
Of the 90s in high school

The sky went dark
The world went dark
And only then was there hope

In my 90s where cafe culture reached its peak
The 90s begins and ends inside the mouth
Indie rock begins in your mouth


It is a poem of friendship
I am dreaming the 90s before
I could remember anything
There were spaces we shared
The bodies we were eventually
To share not invented yet
There were certain reminders
We were still human forms
That we were not undead
Which sex do you identify with
When you see a vampire?

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