Saturday, May 19, 2012


Lana Del Rey’s Video Games its post-
Exceptionist decadence like a sublime
Glitch flickering within the silent arrest

Of this system of social wealth tattoos
The hand yellow the soul it looks like a magik
Marker smudge commemorating where

The hand fractured the ethical is aesthetic
Because we are in this bright and fading
Light of spring Arthur who I didn’t know

Before we were introduced this sunlight
Occupies us art becomes a sudden dis-
traction when it is all we can seem to know


Can we march there differentiated like
The police outnumber demonstrators what
The fuck’s with that

From sunlight do we come back
From white cuffs and being here
In piss and piss-colored sunlight
Unmediated by

Can we march there differentiated like
This DIY-ness wasn’t necessitated
By the lack of a WPA in 2009

Like we couldn’t make some way better art
Where is the conscience that defies
Social contracts?


A group of folks in the future
That is not prophecy but description

The constant monotone buzz that is Empire
To be otherworldly in this world

Bodies in movement producing sound--both lover and loved
The clock of one protocol with another

To allow an inner-freedom in ourselves
And others conditions freedom externally

Freedom that is the result of an in-
exhaustible desire to be capable of response.*

*with some language from Fred Moten

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