Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Questions (for Contemporary Practice) with Colectivo Situaciones (@ Art21)

Here goes a feature I did on the Argentinian group, Colectivo Situaciones, at Art21 blog. A BIG THANKS to Brian Whitener who translated Colectivo Situaciones's responses to my questionnaire, acted as go-between, and helped me to proofread the feature. The feature draws largely upon the book he helped to translate from the Spanish, Genocide in the Neighborhood, which documents various groups in Latin American who have practiced what is known as "escrache," a process of achieving direct social justice through community-based rituals of public shaming.

Militant investigation, the practice we developed along with other collectives, was in this moment not only a mode of composition with these and other experiences but, at the same time, a means of intervening in the field of the production of knowledge and political hypotheses. The combination of all these impulses and practices under a form of horizontal cooperation brought the neoliberal project in Argentina to crisis, which became a massive insurrection in December of 2001, and caused a deep historical shift in Argentina and across the region.
--Colectivo Situaciones

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