Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Somatics, Movement, and Writing

Here are some pics I took at the Somatics, Movement, and Writing symposium this past weekend in Ann Arbor. Praise and thanks to Petra Kuppers for inviting me to be a co-organizer for the symposium, and to all who participated. More reflections to follow!*

*last two pictures courtesy Neil Marcus


David Wolach said...

Ah! These are wonderful! I LOVE the pics of Brenda's performance/dance/workshop...

IF THERE IS ONE SYMPOSIUM I will always regret not being able to get to, it is this one (not to talk any shit against other symposiums).

Thanks for these, Thom. And I look forward to your reflections, Petra's--and hopefully the many other reflections, etc., that will emerge from the weekend in MI. Oh, & Bhanu Kapil has a gorgeous dream-journal prose entry re the symposium on her blog, which caused a lovely hear-read first, see second sort of juxtaposition for me.... at least.


Thom Donovan said...

Wish you could have been there too, David. Here are links to Bhanu's posts abt the symposium so far: