Saturday, February 26, 2011

She's Lost Control Again

Prepare to be disappointed. Mondo Bummer just put out a 'chapbook' of my poem, "She's Lost Control Again," in their super lo fi format (folding, one staple in the upper left-hand corner, stickers, 8 x 11 office paper). Thanks to Amy Berkowitz, publisher of Mondo Bummer, for asking me to contribute work. You can learn more about the press project, which features work by CAConrad, Brandon Brown, Kendra Grant Malone, Anna Vitale, and many others, here.

If above or below
These powers the boxes
Kept moving
If this was a game
We were making the rules
Up as we went along
As though within our
Own bodies without control
She's lost control again
We're just beginning
To manage her limbs
Like assemblage we shit
We perspire autonomy
When they tell us to
Only there is no me
And there is no you
There is no beginning
In other words to this
Process this continuous
Product producing our

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