Monday, December 06, 2010

A Literal Blood (Installing Spirit)

belatedly, after Paul Thek
composed on World AIDS Day

No sex here,
no content
except what
survives as joy,

and praise fail-
ure which becomes
you not nailed
to anything

no concept but
suffering a
semblance nonetheless,
so real was it

inside us and
embodying and gut-
ted, metaphor
the ongoingness

of notebooks,
eternal sketch
of that towering
to topple a wreck

subsides in unful-
fillment, time
runs out but your body
afflicted was free,

its total simul-
taneity like a
sympathy atoning
for nothing

all language becomes
a love letter,
all drawing
describes a pun

on sunset, on relic,
on humility
the world continues
to end

though neither
spirit or body appear,
no soul outside
of history

art is uncleansed,
a literal blood,
uncleansed would be
a place to begin.

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