Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brent Cunningham's Attention Span

Thanks, Brent for these lovely words about ON Contemporary Practice. We are hoping to get started on the 3rd issue soon!

"Some will say the structure of this magazine, where poets talk about the work of poets, will only add to the feeling that experimental poetry is a small coterie with a secret knock to get in. Others, including me, find ON to be just what was lacking, and will find it far less about in-group backslapping than one might presume (very much like the Attention Span project, which has a lot in common with ON). Coterie is a sword of the two-edged variety, and ON is a much needed venue for poets to not only talk about works by their contemporaries but to fashion a renewed sense of basic, shared critical values."--Brent Cunningham at Attention Span

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