Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Questions with Temporary Services (@ Art21)

Here goes my first 5 Questions (for Contemporary Practice) column at Art21 blog. Thank you Temporary Services for your amazing responses to my questions, and for the amazing work you do through your art:

I always felt that kind of generation gap…we’re not so many years removed from some of these people, but you know when those artists like Karen Finley…when their grants were rescinded? I always remember feeling like, “They were expecting money from the government to do that work?!” You know? It seemed that they were of a generation in which you used to be able to really expect that, and because of that, sure, they were really pissed off when they had their money taken away. But I always remember feeling like, “How weird that they asked for funding.” And I think that response comes out being involved with underground music and publishing. I wouldn’t expect the government to give money so the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers could come from Italy to play in the U.S. [laughs] Of course the government wouldn’t care. Of course they wouldn’t support it, but Karen Finley expected it?
--Marc Fischer of Temporary Services

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