Friday, August 27, 2010

When We Breathe (II)

Fear of the neighbor pretends
We have eyes to see the other with
Where number and measure were killed

Fear pretends this but then we kiss
But then we kiss my neighbor
Our ears open to no other fuck

Little fuck of sound, little flick
There is no other contract
That in our vigilance trembles

With the appearance of what is
Taken and what we take
Suffering another sovereignty

In which the semblance of a contract
A promise no one should keep
Hobbesian mind-fucks lament.

When you go
Into mourning my animal
My animal body
How you pretend
To devour me
Stumbling to see
With all these oughts
All these nots
Knot our fists
The body an object
Might actually speak

When you go
Into mourning, into moaning
My animal
A dream of symmetry
And belonging
Devours me
I wonder how we can be
I punish myself
The commons how
Come I cannot
Be close enough to you

Performed but not played
To blow that supplementary horn
What we sing remains
Of that communication that is not their dreaming
Which is what a scream was worth.

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