Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Tour in July

In July I will be reading and presenting in LA, San Francisco, Oakland, and Boston at the following events:

Poetic Research Bureau
July 11th, 4:30PM
w/ Steven Farmer
hosted by Joseph Mosconi

San Francisco
Commons and Art Practice (a discussion with Nonsite Collective)
Nicole Hollis Studios
935 Natoma St. SF
July 18th, 2PM
hosted by Michael Cross and Nonsite Collective

The (New) Reading Series @ 21 Grand
July 18th
w/ Catherine Meng
hosted by Alli Warren, Michael Nicoloff, & Erika Staiti

A Boston Poet Tea Party poetry marathon
Pierre Menard Gallery
July 30th, 7PM
hosted by Jim Behrle, Michael Carr, David Kirschenbaum, John Mulrooney, and Aaron Tieger

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