Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stop the World

Stop the world
It is dying too soon
We have not died
Enough into this

Life only ours if
We decide for
What others it is
For the form the

Fire will take all
Around us against
Every received
Idea and word.


Dana said...

"Stop the world. Another war is possible"

Thom Donovan said...

The satire of consensus was perfect and so was the call for massive direct action that would paralyze entire cities. The banner in the gateway expressed the widespread desire for something more effective than the global antiwar demonstrations of February 15, 2003, which were in fact proposed at the ESF meeting in Florence. Along with this idea of mass defection from the militarized societies, it asserted the possibility of a wholly other war: a subversion that could dissolve normalized behaviors and established hierarchies.[12] The networked activists had not forgotten that Deleuze and Guattari conceived their nomadic war machine as a potential of expressive and epistemological variance that could operate within every institution, and even at the heart of the military-industrial complexes. They had not forgotten, because the development of the Internet over more than thirty years has proved this kind of subversion to be a practical reality. Such struggles necessarily take place within the capture-devices that seek to neutralize them: thus the entry of the activists into the castle, as a way to pursue the exit from politics-as-usual that had launched the entire social forum movement in the first place. Without a constant resurgence of the radicalizing process, grassroots mobilization can be halted by the very organizations and figureheads it needs in order to expand its field of transformation. But this is what has been learned since the early demands for the representation of civil society. The destinies of the current political generation depend crucially on maintaining the possibilities both of large-scale organized confrontation, and of direct, micropolitical participation in the processes of self-government.
--from Brian Holmes' "Transparency To Exodus"
Brian Holmes (