Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Julie T. Ewald Reviews MAKE BELIEVE

@ Galatea Resurrects

The idea of the island creating a sort of sanctuary while imposing seclusion is confounded even further with the quotation Donovan uses to begin this piece: “An island / Has a public quality.” The quote comes from objectivist poet, George Oppen. This quote re-envisions the notion of the island that one gets from Ben-Ner’s film or from the content of Donovan’s poetics as it suggests that an island is not a place for sanctuary or separation, but a place that is open and accessible. This could also be a red herring, as the piece is dedicated to another poet, Gregg Biglieri, who is known for a masterful use of puns.


Kyle said...

Want to learn more about Biglieri's masterful use of puns? Order a copy of Sleepy with Democracy from Small Press Distribution today. Pun satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

Thom Donovan said...

I would have to 2nd that sales pitch. Sleepy with Democracy, by Gregg Biglieri, is a dream!