Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poetics of Distribution, Metadata as Poesis: Tan Lin’s 7CV @ EDIT: Processing Network Publishing (@ Harriet)


"Tags: a poetics that foregrounds problems of data description/retrieval, Additionally, an impromptu workshop will be created (picture a nerdier version of Warhol's Factory), and Gordon Tapper, and the status of the book as an administered object., April 21 on the UPenn campus, as well as Lin's lively interview with Katherine Elaine Sanders at BOMB, blurbs, book arts, Danny Snelson, Danny Snelson has organized an evening to celebrate Tan Lin's recent book publication, Dual Language (Chinese/English) Edition, EDIT: Processing Network Publishing., etc.), graphic design, I include a lengthy excerpt from the interview below., I recommend checking out Lin's Tumblr site, In place of a book launch the event Wednesday seeks to enact and extend a poetics of distribution and/or metadata. Which is to say, In preparation for the event, information distribution, itself a kind of laboratory for a poetics of metadata, Kanban Board/Post-Its, Kristen Gallagher, library science, Lin has been conducting an extensive interview with Christopher W. Alexander, literary theory, Appendix, media studies, micro lecture, PDF, Powerpoint, Q&A (xerox) and a film.", Selectric II interview, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking [or SVC] through his event series, This coming Wednesday, Through the event, which will be published in its entirety on Wednesday. To give some sense of how Lin himself is thinking about 7CV in relation to the 'future of the book' (a problem which persists across poetics/poetr, which will extend the book through hand-made printed objects as well as digital ones. As the release for the event describes: "[...] the EDIT staff will accompany Tan Lin in the reauthoring and republ, wine/cheese reception"

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