Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Us

Park rots, the possible hope
That it will bring us anything else

Things turn to metaphors
(easier to imagine)
Our ideas become materialized by time

The curation of the museum in contrast
To the neglect of the world

Yet traces social relation
Yet traces the products of culture

For the sake of any one
The good no one needed.


Larry Smith/ Bottom Dog Press said...

Thom, I read your piece in American Book Review and agree with it. I couldn't help wishing you had included our activist press Bottom Dog Press from Ohio...a press founded on the vision of such writers as Kenneth Patchen and Kenneth Rexroth...Our COME TOGETHER: IMAGINE PEACE has served a function of imaging peace while also celebrating the beauty and relevance of poetry. Thanks, Larry Smith

Thom Donovan said...

hey Larry, sorry not to include Bottom Dog. of course my essay was not trying to be inclusive (doesn't it say that?), but bring to bear three cases for the "activist press." of course a more complete catalogue could be a very useful thing at this point. regardless, I hope your own press thrives and that you continue to be committed to work in the spirit of Patchen and Rexroth (two poets I admire quite a lot)... best, Thom