Friday, April 23, 2010

7CV Blurb

Here is the blurb I submitted for the Tan Lin 7CV EDIT event Wednesday night at UPenn:

Besides being a book framed by metadata--performing metadata as a dispersal of the book’s ‘substance’--7CV is a creative treatise anthropologizing current administered worlds. As such it exists where the utopian and the dystopian cleave, and where atopia (no place) posits The Open. What can (should?) be salvaged from the apparent judgment day of bar codes, pharmaceuticals, post-disco, Walmart-type 'superstores' and reality programs at the level of the concept and of material practices? 7CV makes us attend the most banal and transparent aspects of contemporary experience with renewed insight and interest. I’ll never view a Post-It note the same. Nor perhaps my experience of waiting at an airport during a flight delay.

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