Monday, March 08, 2010

New Dusie Chaps

things are boiling over at Dusie Collective....

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Old 333 said...

@Thom: Dusie Kollectiv: Thanks for the link. I could youse sum eye adds. Mine head be tired inside. Been so long since I lived in a city! Maybe i'm nearly ready to give up the wildman act in exchange for a traditional black beret au cafe. Their (Dusie's) website is a slow-loading mess - would benefit from a few sharp-eyed hours of tidying. Most of the images that cover the text links didn't even make it in. Maybe their server is overloaded/a piece of crap. On the general topic of on-line editing: How come so few artists speak any html, anyway? (i only spikka pidgin bracket lingo myself - I'm from the Apple II days when we called such commands "macros").

You'd think we'd learn. I mean, I still use paper at home, but I'm getting older by the minute. Heck, I just ran my quill pen empty, which led to the realization - the reason ancient sages sucked their goose-quills was not, of course, fubbishness nor a desire for ink - the porous structure, depressurised, would suck more ink into itself! Revelation #9, I tellya.

On and on I go. I actually came here hoping to deposit my pithy opinion of 'jackpine sonnets' (Harriet won't touch me with a ten-foot grounded pole coated in anti-fungal powder - what could the matter be? - actually, I understand that I rub people the wrong way a LOT (I even have pills for it), but Harriet she has fur like a mean-tempered mog - there's only one right way, and she'll show you.

I always like to swing cats like that a bit before they goes over the hedge.

But anyway, I ended up enjoying blabbing at you so much (and I'm going to go click all those didn't load mystery links at Dusie whilst the coffee still be hott) - that I think I'll just keep my opinions to myself. It's rare that a poem of mine be opinionated that way anyway, and rarer still that such a one would be any good. Better to keep such children of the world at home, chained to the high chair with vacant vacant eyes.

Hoping the day treats you well,