Friday, October 23, 2009

Para-Summit on Revolutions in Public Practice

What: Discussion
When: Sunday 10.25.09
Where: 16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
When: 10:30 am
Who: Free and open to all

"The New York Public Library is playing host to this Saturday's Creative Time Summit entitled 'Revolutions in Public Practice.' The event isbringing together an assortment of artists, activists,curators, architects, and collectives to discuss in short intervals of seven minutes, some aspect of their (public) practice in relation to issues of social justice. A group of us thought that it would be interesting to send an open invite to all of those participants to a more improvised conversation on the following day. Our para-summit is also an opportunity to broaden that conversation with others who are interested in the issues which the event is attempting to activate. We will begin at 10:30 with a light breakfast (any simple contributions to it are appreciated, bread, cheese, honey, jam, fruit, etc...). We will then begin the discussion at 11:00 and continue formally until around 1:00. If there is a desire to continue beyond that time, we can take ashort break, and then continue further with those who remain."
--16 Beaver

Link to Creative Time Summit on Revolutions in Public Practice:

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