Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Check out the debut issue of Wild Orchids, edited by Robert Dewhurst and Sean Reynolds here. The first issue is dedicated to (Herman) Melville and features writing by Kim Evans, Benjamin Friedlander, Jennifer Scappettone, Stacy Szymaszek, and many others. Being personally invested in what Dewhurst calls "affected/inspired forms in literary criticism" I am looking forward to reading what the editors have in mind.

"WILD ORCHIDS is an annual journal of affective/inspired forms in literary criticism. Our issues hope to reencounter, write close to, and trace the unlit flows of our favorite writers, in volumes centered around single authors.

We are currently reading submissions for our second issue, which will take shape around the life and writing of NYC poet HANNAH WEINER. Unsolicited submissions are encouraged, but please have a look at our first issue before offering to contribute.

Send all correspondence to wildorchids [at] endingthealphabet [dot] org, or 359 Lafayette Av / Buffalo, NY 14213."
--Robert Dewhurst and Sean Reynolds

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