Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walking Through Walls

-for Galit Eilat and Rachel Zolf

That they could
Walk through walls
Not at all a miracle
Not at all miraculous

Like walking on wa
ter turning stones
To bread raising
The dead the real

Revelation that they
Are walking through
Walls to kill people
To kill the little ones

On the other side
Of that wall can not
Make us feel any
thing but some eerie

Sense one gets some
times from having
Mistaken the figural
For the literal the

Metaphoric for what
Is all too real like
When Toni Morrison
Speaks of "tongue

suicide" we can ima
gine real tongues
Going before teeth
In the mouth so far

Beyond speech are
We so far behind
What could have
Possibly been said.

I am thinking of
Walls differently now
Than when they came
Down as a result
Of your gun site
As a result of your fist
Pounding against
The doors of the powerless
Your Sawzall cutting
A hole to the other
Side of the wall
We have stories to
Prove this and
All of them are false
Never was there
Salvation in not
Being captured.

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