Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Redistribution at EAI / Tan Lin on "Freelance Stenographer"

Here's an ad for Seth Price's video lecture, Redistribution, now at EAI Video Project Space (more info below), plus a link to a piece Tan Lin wrote for Artforum on the Redistribution project via Price's 2007 performance with others at the Kitchen, "Freelance Stenographer."


July 9 - August 8, 2009
Wednesday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm

EAI Video Project Space
X Initiative
548 West 22nd Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10011

Opens Thursday, July 9, 2009, 6-9 pm

Admission free

EAI is pleased to feature the latest iteration of Seth Price's new video, Redistribution, at the EAI Video Project Space at X.

Redistribution, begun in 2007 and conceived as a never-finished, constantly updated work, takes up a Guggenheim 'artist's talk' delivered by Price only to pull it apart, reassemble it and graft new material to it, resulting in an open-form hybrid. Equal parts lecture, performance, and essay-film in the caméra-stylo tradition, the work oscillates between fiction and non-fiction, information and entertainment: an exposition as well as an artwork in its own right. Originally made for presentation within the context of Price's art exhibitions, EAI presents the 45-minute video by itself, without Price's artwork around it.

In a conceptual, multi-disciplinary art practice that includes video, sculpture, sound, and written texts, Price engages in strategies of appropriation, recirculation and packaging to consider issues of cultural production, the distribution of information, and the role of ideology. Shifting and manipulating the detritus of commodity culture, his projects have included early sampler-based academic music, anonymous Internet-circulated video, and art historical imagery. Investigating the cultures generated and re-circulated by mass media technologies and information systems, Price ultimately questions the production and dissemination of art and meaning itself.