Saturday, July 04, 2009

Conference of the Birds podcast

Check out Stephen Cope's cool podcast here, Conference of the Birds. The generic range and cross-pollination of the podcast is pretty incredible as you can probably tell from the playlist below:

Playlist, Conference of the Birds, 6-23-09 (pre podcast)
Host: Stephen Cope

Key: Artist/ Title/ Album/ Label Location: Label, Date.


Set One:

Pierre Akendengue/ Salut Aux Combattants De La Liberte/Akendengue - Reveil De L'Afrique/
Gabon/France: NTYE/Melodie, 1995.

Jacques Coursil /Frantz Fanon 1952/Clameurs/ USA: Sunnyside, 2007.

Matébis/ Acid/Matébis/ France: Iris Musique, 1999.

Set Two:

Neville Marcano/ Yaraba Shang/ Shango, Shouter & Obeah: Supernatural Calypso from Trinidad
1934-1940/ USA: Rounder, 2001.

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou/ Nouèssénamè/ Volume ONE "The Vodoun Effect" - Funk
And Sato From Benin's Obscure Labels 1972-1975/ Germany: Analog Africa, 2008.

Balla Et Ses Balladins /Bi Diamana Moo/ The Syliphone Years: 1968-1972/UK/Brazil: Stern's
Africa, 2008.

Les Amazones de Guinée/ Alhamdoulilah/ "Wamato"/ UK/Brazil: Stern's Africa, 2008.

Kwabena Nyama / Okunin Nusu/ Ghana: Musique Vin de Palme/ France: Buda Musique, 2000.

F. Kenya's Guitar Band / Madame Zehae Ala (Just As I Am)/ Electric Highlife: Sessions From The
Bokoor Studios/ Canada/USA: HNH International/ Naxos , 2002.

William Parker/ El Puenteseco/ Long Hidden: The Olmec Series/ USA: Aum Fidelity, 2006.

Myra Melford; Be Bread/ Be Bread/ The Image of Your Body/ USA: Cryptogramophone, 2006.


Set Three:

Craig Harris & the Nation of Imagination/ Dreamtime/ Istanbul/ Turkey: Doublemoon, 1998.

Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio / Ya Baba Maragia/ Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio/ Germany: Ausfahrt
MV Gmbh, 2006.

Fawzy Al-Aiedy / Layali/ Le Paris Bagdad/ France: Buda Musique, 1998.

Malouma / Lemra/ Nour/ France: Marabi, 2007.

Youssou N'Dour / Baay Niasse/ Egypt/ USA: Nonesuch, 2004.

Set Four:

Bahauddin Qutbuddin Qawwal & Party/ Khyal Ang Qawwali/ Troubadours Of Allah-Sufi Music
from the Indus Valley/ Germany: Wergo, 1999.

Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra Of Algiers / Win Saadi/ Abdel Hadi Halo & The El
Gusto Orchestra Of Algiers/ England: Honest Jon's, 2007.

Dahmane El Harrachi/ Elli Mab'gha Yebghini/ Chaabi: Volume 5/ France: Club du Disque Arabe,


Set Five:

Billy Bang / Ly Ngua O/ Vietnam: reflections/ Canada: Justin Time, 2005.

I Wayan Sadra/ Stay a Maverick / Mana 689: New Music from Indonesia Volume 2: Central Java/
USA: Lyrichord, 1993.

Euis Komariah & Jugala Orchestra/ Bardin/ Jaipongan Java/ Indonesia/UK: Jugala/Globestyle,

Steve Coleman and Five Elements/ Li Bai, Astrology II, Triad Mutations I/ Weaving Symbolics/
France: Label Bleu, 2006.

Set Six:

Kang Jongsuk & Chang Dokhwa/ Pansori "Simch'ong-Ga" / Traditional Korean Music: Sanjo And
Vocal Music/ Japan: King Record Co., 1995.

Putra Sasak Asli (Cilokaq Modera Pusaka Group)/ Idik Gamak Inak/ Cilokaq Music Of Lombok/
Japan: King Record Co., 1994.

Francis Wong / Autumn Moon Reflected On The Peaceful Lake/ Great Wall/ USA: Asian Improv,

Equal Interest/ Rondo For Jenny / Equal Interest/ USA: OmniTone, 1999.

End of Playlist