Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Did It

And we are still doing it
We is still doing it

We and our allies
And the friends of we

We is powerful if only
In this that

It can make a policy
Of burying

The evidence of its crimes in
The wide open it has

Excuse upon excuse for this
It (the we) laughs

It off with a shrug
We points the finger at

Everyone else
Except itself

Or the market or
Geopolitical strategies

Or the military industrial
Complex which

Must be assuaged
And so the world

Is threatened
By we's example

And so we
Is threatened

By other we's
Would Kissinger survive

A minute before
An international court

Of justice not swayed
By the sovereignty

Of we would the Bushes?
The answer seems obvious

We is terrified
To account for its

Process of election
What is it about we that

Wants to make a man with brown
Skin detained sit naked

With a Playboy while
We takes pictures of him?

What perversity of we
Permits simulated drowning?

When will we finally feel
Some culpability in its we-ness?

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