Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Plan

The plan is not the
Body as Creeley once
Wrote there is no

Plan not even the body
Is a plan my body wrote
And yours wrote where

We becomes one sub-
ject and theirs is an
Allergen to the dermis

Beginning in this situ-
ation to become these
Hives arrive what

Better oversensitivity
To matter little co-
lonies of them on

My hands without
Keeper my body sov-
ereign and your tears

This I this you apart it
Is situational an event
But it isn't a plan

Pain is not a plan
Irritation is not a plan
It is a mood defining

Our relationship to
Things mediated by
The skin 90% holes

Whenever I let you
Whenever you let
The world in what

Forms will this pro-
duce what will emerge
Through stress related

To the surface the
Body is an environment
It is an ecology but

It is not a plan it is
A hiccup to being
Also that which we

Notice conspicuous
When it breaks down
The flesh perhaps

That is the body con-
stituting itself an event
Inappropriate like

Everything else par-
ticular what gestures
It will bring what

Breakdown and un-
known causes these
Are also a metaphysics

Truth of matter when
It erupts there is an I
More sympathetic with

We there is an em-
pathy one feels with
One's self as though

It were another observing
Its symptoms and ef-
fects from afar the plan

Is not the body the body
Is an event amidst
Other events the body

Is an ethic which makes
An I them translating
Distances through skin.

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