Thursday, April 16, 2009


I wish there was
is the name of a

site where you c
an do a want and

perchance it will
come true. Sounds

marvelous makes
n't it? The site

Iwishtherewas can
assist you encou

nter a solution
to your job. The

thought is great
I conceive, beca

use not simply is
it a opportunity

to verily chance
that solution, b

ut too because it
Holds the follow

ing logical meas
ure for companies

to cognize what p
eople really des

ire. All you sho
uld make is dire

ct in your want a
nd wait for a com

pany to pick it u
pwards. Or you may

happen out that
there already is

a solution to your
job! It is ally in

line with the ten
dency of utilizi

ng people (crowds)
to market your th

oughts or get fee
dback on your mer

chandises. See be
sides crowd sourc

ing. That is all
about linking peo

ple and companies
to excogitate bet

ter wares or to me
liorate merchandi

ses. Increasingly
the net is seen as

a spot where there
is more info, but

where there is a w
hole rootage of no

esis and thoughts,
free to utilize for

everybody. And, peo
ple care to be heard!

*all language lifted from

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