Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am For the Pirates*

I am for the pirates
Who take what they want

When nothing's left
And haven't hijacked

The economy and don't
Block social welfare

Reform or laws to ensure
Universal health coverage

For all but who have to
Get theirs all the same

Even if it means taking
A few American hostages

Which is just a curfuffle
In this night of exceptions

Which is not even a skirmish
In this ridiculous night

Of substance I want their
Different lawlessness to

Prevail because the laws
Of the sea seem more fair

Than a presidential veto or
NATO or the U.N. or any other

Form of democracy so far.

*The following is from a transcript of an interview journalist Amy Goodman conducted with Mohamed Abshir Waldo, author of "The Two Piracies in Somalia: Why One Ignores the Other?"

AMY GOODMAN: Good to have you with us. Can you talk about what you think the two piracies are?

MOHAMED ABSHIR WALDO: Well, the two piracies are the original one, which was foreign fishing piracy by foreign trawlers and vessels, who at the same time were dumping industrial waste, toxic waste and, it also has been reported, nuclear waste. Most of the time, we feel it’s the same fishing vessels, foreign fishing vessels, that are doing both. That was the piracy that started all these problems.

And the other piracy is the shipping piracy. When the marine resources of Somalia was pillaged, when the waters were poisoned, when the fish was stolen, and in a poverty situation in the whole country, the fishermen felt that they had no other possibilities or other recourse but to fight with, you know, the properties and the shipping of the same countries that have been doing and carrying on the fishing piracy and toxic dumping.

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