Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Obsolescence of Lyric

-for Rob Fitterman and Rob Halpern

Antinomy is our coming
Which flips the record again
Revealing the blankness
That was our remembrance
A condition of remembrance
Whomsoever owns the air

Rights to element who will be subject
Some ways that we remained
In common when the bottom
Falls out who will be hailed
Rogue names put the capital here
Put their hands on economy
As though to heal our simple

What voice of lyric what
Voices would resist the doing
Should syntax still be a sacrifice
Like cutting off one’s limbs
While still alive isn’t that
How Rimbaud put it before
He became an arms trader?

I want to amputate this voice
Disable a hole and occupy
What bright absence sensing
You were nearby like a fence
Around a ruin your cool arms
A certain area in a public air

What I dragged around the corpse
Of concepts brand name terrain
Video flashing just far away enough
To seem sublime along the overpass
Where it throws these voices a form
Of night shall lose control

Affect floats before it becomes
Fossilized estranged like bits
Floating lower and lower to
The Logos what rips forms faster
Than the master where the master should be
In all this “experiment”

Lose your taste for poetry
Words won’t be saved
Only your love may be saved
Only what little lights
Of the subject
What work undoes

Place-holders like one
Was the man on their throne
I spits up ways you have identified it
In relation to them
I is flexible, resilient in this chatroom
A social network recedes
And would mean paradise for whom.

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