Monday, February 09, 2009

PEACE EVENTS presents Dorothea Lasky & Filip Marinovich



Dorothea Lasky & Filip Marinovich

Friday, February 13th, 2009 8PM
BYOB & donation: $5

hosted by Thom Donovan & Robert Kocik at:

“The Loft”
1227 Bedford Avenue
(between Fulton and Halsey)
Brooklyn, NY

about the readers:

Dorothea Lasky is the author of AWE (Wave Books, 2007) and Black Life (Wave Books, 2010). Her chapbooks include Tourmaline (Transmission Press, 2008), The Hatmaker's Wife (Braincase Press, 2006), Art (H_NGM_N Press, 2006), and Alphabets and Portraits (Anchorite Press, 2005). She has been educated at Washington University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and Harvard University. Currently, she studies creativity and education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Poets, you are eager

Young poets, you are so eager
To call the language
That comes after language
That of false children.
Maybe we are not so much false children
As we are conduits of the truth.
The death of the author never meant
The landscaped moon-earth you inhabit
Alongside the strange animals you let in there.
The real life is wild and the animals will bite you.
It is not so much moonless as the moon is seen nowhere
And always felt.
It is no matter, however
As you are just about to eat the fire you speak.
Even now, I can feel the heat upon you
And smell it singe your human flesh

Filip Marinovich's book ZERO READERSHIP is out now from Ugly Duckling Presse. He has published online in EOAGH and Critiphoria. He is a poet, painter and performer living on Manhattan Island Upper West Side. Autumn grain available upon request.


I wish that someone
would come to me
in the middle of the night
and fuck me very hard
against the bedstand
so that the shriek would glow
like a magnet in my hand
and by my side would appear
friends now gone.


PEACE EVENTS is committed to presenting emergent work across disciplinary boundaries and against categorization. For past listings and documentation check the right-hand column of Wild Horses Of Fire weblog:

"In mystical states of mind…we are conscious of an expansion of our personality thought union with something not ourselves, but this union is felt and not seen"
--Laurence Buermeyer

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