Monday, December 29, 2008


All I ever wanted was your participation
Both a weapon and a ribbon yield participation
Both the sky and the earth imminently
We will no longer sing we will be
A carnival instead we will be a farm on the outskirts
Of which highway subtending a disaster
Of feelings singularity will be interrupted
By a fantasy of becoming
On the edge of another’s skin a portal like
The past enveloping these future words
The book we could make and be bright
All I ever wanted was your blood to beat
With mine we made a quilt we made a sign
We set up a booth and amplified through
Simple signals our causes
The Round Table was once an image
Of this such utopias that pink
Table didn’t do enough to save
Some names from their oblivion
Some shapes we recuperated from malice
There will be new names for your participation
Whole worlds secreted by what
You decide
Entire universes simulcast.

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