Thursday, September 25, 2008

O Coevals (III)

I want you
in my mouth like
the sky needs
to rest

in our
eyes when we see
the sky for
what it is

interrupting this
labor the things
you wouldn't

to the sky again if
you had the choice
and you do
have the choice

or develop
useless as the
rise you get
out of me

when we touch
get around
to its sticky


When we get around
to nothing

complicity calls
(this is the call)

no more rock anthems
just some rock

we can't stand on
some out of control

limbs no good for
anything anymore

no longer can we
control them

they speak words
and particles

of words we couldn't
have spoken before

project our
unsaved figures

without grace or shame.


The environment became us
it told us we had tender skin
that we had subtle organs

and were porous to almost
anything they said any reason
they hated us made us stronger

than we immediately seemed
with all these obstacles to the
true the world we have to make

because we can't help what we
are pain is not a mirror we
hold to the world distorting it

but it makes the world possibly
know itself as one subject
abandoned by their justice.

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