Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some Nonsite Poems

“For every pile there is a pit,
for every pit, there is a pile.

For every heap of architecture,
there is a terrestrial void.”


For Lee

A devil’s refusal of the Lord
Makes him mourn all the more

Torturing Job the handle
We have on the negative

Refusing us makes us weep
Gives us ‘new families’

Not the old ones back

Gives us new names
To cross ‘eternity’ with.

Every time we touch
No one should marry

Sweet Balkan blank
That is not despair

Parsing pretends to be
You where you cross-
dress in the dark

When the lights came on
You were a shallow
Link to causes.


Becomes a gravity or per force
Becomes a field our feelings do
And the way you pass through it
And the camera there where
We least expect it
‘nature’ has a gaze too ‘the animal’
Has a gaze all its own
And invisible and this is what
Is called ‘spirit’ and this what
Is immanent to the communism
You propose

The camera hovers and it is like
Us seeing how you feel me.


Seeing how the law grows
How it buckles under
The logic it imposes

To negate it the way
You have negated it
Is not to deny its powers

Since one stays in relation to it
Now it eclipses everyone
When before it only eclipsed some

The sun was not half as right
Then but now it is right—
Not shining in our names.


Using as not using
Singing as not singing
Seeing as not seeing…
--an ‘interruption’,


These hands weep for
What they were made for
These lungs and things
You recognize as things

But then there is the unusable
Light in the trees
What se call ‘our’ what we call ‘we’
But is not shared as love

The dredger-ship too
Close to the swimmers--
Enough to imagine disaster

There is the jetty that ends
Before the sun can reach it
The spiral indefinitely
Submerged not a metaphor

For things seen.


Fog here
Fog there

Lifting as

Also has
A feel to it.


For Amber

Your body is the
question you put
to me a green of

‘the soul’ if there
is a soul and
souls have limbs

your body is the
question the
question of further

how we are
lacking organs
those simple things

those not so simple
things that
bodies are when

they broke down
what I thought was me
was born only to

discover through
you that ‘me’ was
a question

put to this world
different then all
the world since all

History begins in
disparity bodies
become the cause.


Sight hearing loss.

Loss hearing loss.

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