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Peace On A presents Rob Halpern & Eleni Stecopoulos

Movement (or shape in writing) is a knowledge that isn’t one’s thinking per se. One’s thinking by itself is movement that is knowledge.
~ Leslie Scalapino

Peace On A


Rob Halpern & Eleni Stecopoulos

Thursday, June 5th 2008 8PM
BYOB & donation: $5

hosted by Thom Donovan at:

166 Avenue A, Apartment #2
New York, NY 10009

about the readers:

Rob Halpern is the author of Rumored Place and Snow Sensitive Skin (co-authored with Taylor Brady). Two collections of poems, Disaster Suites and Music for Porn, are forthcoming this year, and a little chap called "Imaginary Politics" will be out from TapRoot Editions this month. He's currently co-editing the writings of the late Frances Jaffer together with Kathleen Fraser, and translating the early essays of Georges Perec, the first of which, "For a Realist Literature," can be found in the current issue of Chicago Review. He lives in San Francisco.


Like yr body’s inner edge I feel things everywhere this pure circum
— schisms surround me but whatever happened in the car my
Social vacancy fills with random abductions stories extending

Lonely from the day’s bleak tone rows a landscape or whatever de
— scending points in space can’t see how we’ve been thrown
Out of the thing’s now blank interior it’s always a gamble trade

Being no event no self-evidence inside the dispersion affects
You boy how yr organs go on finding me here as one who might
Still feel a distance even when living in the other room strung

Out between their cries and the inner heat yr body leaves rim
— ming images lips limits what these circumcisions sing around
Me no more optical effects now pure pictures eyeing this — heaven.

Eleni Stecopoulos was born in New York, NY and currently lives in San Francisco. She has published a chapbook, Autoimmunity (Taxt, 2006), and her first book, Armies of Compassion, will be published by Palm Press in 2009. She is at work on Earth Also is a Private Language, a book-length poem that takes place via the island of Evvia (Euboea): its geothermal springs and hydrotherapy traditions, ancient cults, and family stories that involve escape. In 2007 she guest-co-organized the Paros Symposium on Poetry and Translation in Greece. This spring she curated an event on poetics and healing, featuring psychologist Eric Greenleaf and poet/design/builder Robert Kocik, for the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University.

we have been made into
immovables domestic warp
the sacrum into acquisition
at the expense of the people the real people the principal
line that cuts us phoneme that articulates
my pursed fingering air as the instrumental
difference plays . the feeling
for people whose names we can barely
pronounce those names amnesty delivers
when I see human on a soup can
administer the homonym before
english can attack

from “Sacral Thought,” Armies of Compassion

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