Thursday, May 01, 2008

O Coevals

~ for Rob, Myung and Stephen

Sovereign stumps make the shipwreck glitter

Being in the same place with you and calling
this coeval

Coeval enough to say hello not be
ing outside

What we would call event
to make a new sense I saw this city

Changed which lodged us how the past

Was once the past and the future
whenever we spoke

Anterior to any effect the present could hold

What couldn’t be
because we couldn't return from catastrophe

We witness bells that this was theirs
That shade equals sun in exquisiteness

Non-identities piling up like pylons
A physics without cars beings without

Impact move to what here to what
Their equated it I feel so much pressure

Around you to burn a discourse and not
Touch any time we were or event

Living us so live my life will never finish
What my death leaves unfinished this

Town never seems to work those sovereign
Stumps sing us into battle effects

Of power fires hymns even the sun
Forgot to burn so sing patiency which

Organs won’t be consumed what ex
Change won’t always be sung for being

Too far from off-shore what bodies we
Haven’t won’t account for limbs little

Substances Nature complicit with who
Gets to live grieves its contrivance.

like no one looped
their body in the d
ark this was mourn

ing to maintain an
identification with
that dark something

that was dug here
me and not me sou
nd and not sound

nor an understanding
stars account for a
place that won’t make

us live or die won’t
be consumed by the
violence of *our* voice.

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