Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 Songs for Governmentability

Who decides
who gets to live and

who gets to die
and who misses them

and who mourns eventually
that our science can

only keep
some of us alive and

them not even for ve
ry long

may be the w

fact of all that
‘keeping alive’ shou

ld be the problem of
all science and medi

cal practices
to stay alive to

relieve pain
to die comfortably honorably

represents the
limited extent

of our creativity
and thinking.

So the prisoner
sings and is his body
tho he is
in prison and the state thusly
courses through
him a ‘capillary funct
of power thusly
through us in that
song of some
immanence open and
ungovernmentable which
will see
the walls of sovereignty fall
in a way unlike the way
they were built.

Wearing your ‘war hair’ in the rain
please let your enemies deserve you.

Too much governmentability
not enough desire

for the good we are not good
or just without which law

sustains us lawless except
we won’t pretend some sovereignty

wasn’t the word pretend these
prisons were good

for the soul 'infinitely detained'
by no due process what rogue

state was ‘we’ unmourned
or ‘they’ far away like bodies

we can’t see they see us
down into a Roman thing

incision of the ‘two bodies’
burnt by what remains.

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