Monday, April 28, 2008

Eleni Stecopoulos On An-My Lê's Small Wars at SFMOMA


suzanne said...


thanks for posting this link, Thom---I'd like to point out that Eleni is not 'reviewing' this work, she's responding to it, taking the photographs as a point of departure for a meditation on American time & space---it's not art criticism, per se, as we've come to understand it. Thankfully.


Anonymous said...

I agree Suzanne. This is not art crit per se. Thank goodness. And would like to get away from that pesky label, "review". Will "on" do to suggest a meditation/encounter/consideration that is not circumscribed by the term "review"? I hope so since I have changed the title of my original post...
Keep up the good work with SFMOMA blog!

suzanne said...

Hi Thom,
yes yes 'On' is perfect, for this post, and for the title of the journal, for the very same reason.

thanks for kind words--I am working hard to make the sfmoma blog better second by second