Monday, February 04, 2008

Screen Life

~ after Thomas Hirschhorn and Rob Halpern

Not in those videos or anywhere will their
flesh be anything other than flesh a nation's

generalized porno of tanks and skulls &
bones rock you scrape the eye where it wasn't

saved by screen savers other fantasies what
would a decal say if it could speak what

promises would it make abjection creeps
like shadows close around the "developed"

world whose gun-bursts tell disastrous schlock
shuck gassy brains shell-shocked marines

rip video contain what glimpse of the ter
minal multiple windows open-up while a billion

others close "kind of like" people monads
corpses global effects despair of subjects

"the multitude" how militarized a world became
our sex the way one skull-fucks with pics

4-EVA magic markers occult whatever sense
brought back collapsed skulls nipples defaced.

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