Monday, January 14, 2008

Somes Lines & Phrases From Robert Kocik*

"Which is ostensible democracy"
"can only cause" " English speak
ing to fight" "to simplify" "we lea

ve for our children" "America ca
ptive" "self-justification distorts
eternity" "I prescribed life" "as o

pposed to medicine" "correct in
complaining" "the sensation bit
ing into" "to be brought before"

"no bodily link" " is all that's req
uired" "soldiers and salesman"
"the patient is the medicine" "but

basking is neither light nor dark"
"takes effect" "scorn for spiritual
discernment" "heal first the words"

"are heaping up" and a word tur
ned pathogenic" "may not have
intended the wording" "the inver

se nervous system" "even at the
point of the heart" "the brain isn't
even involved yet" "creditors panic

and rage" "the predator is on the
inside" "no one told me that this
was a poetry reading" "remember

labor?" "one's own medicines with
in" "is the building inside not in
capacitated?" "nothing is wrong it's

just we're diseased" "copious copy
ing" "in a post psycho-somatic age"
"I just love the taste of a stranger"

"people are dying from nothing" "f
ree range genoming" "the parasym
pathetic system" "accusing Darwin"

*transcribed at Segue this past Saturday

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