Saturday, January 12, 2008


for Carolee

Tapping the blood prime image of them
pomegranate red a rose arose life like

a dream dreams us like linings for be-
coming paint stirs potentia menses deep
research stirred like red pomegranate
red a rose aroused from bed this firm-

ament sex to extricate from lips mouth
of that boundary red in perpetuity
information divides the self recombines

no one since these states were made by
psychos such hard won ambiguities re
course blood prime image of her erotica
pomegranate red rose arose a round as
here no dream can end no where with

the lips we kiss or can’t with what bound
aries dividends divide the soul image
makes its way as space your conscious

ness enduring mouth lips of that which
kiss them and are a face brightened by
expression and are this whole body taking
place blood red rose arise aroused not

merely the symbolic not merely a history
of the real those stakes of your willing.

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