Monday, December 03, 2007

War and Peace on A pics & ad*

Peace On A


War & Peace vol. 3 (NYC launch!)

with readings by:

Bruce Andrews
CA Conrad
Michael Cross
Thom Donovan
Brenda Iijima
Paolo Javier
Susan Landers
Evelyn Reilly
& Rodrigo Toscano

Tuesday, November 27th 2007 8PM ( gab session followed by reading at around 9 pm )

hosted by Thom Donovan at:

166 Avenue A (btwn 10th and 11th), Apartment # 2

about War & Peace vol. 3

War and Peace 3/The Future, edited by Judith Goldman & Leslie Scalapino,
Borrowing Tolstoy’s title and basing our manifestation of War and Peace on the conception that everything goes on in war and peace, the editors, Judith Goldman and Leslie Scalapino , have gathered forty poets on the theme of “The Future.” The future arises with (at the same time as) history and the present. Included in the forty are Lyn Hejinian, Fanny Howe, Lisa Jarnot , Bruce Andrews, Rodrigo Toscano, Anselm Hollo, Paolo Javier, Laynie Browne , Anne Waldman, Jen Hofer…

“the migrating cranes—whose lines of flight misalign what *will have been* with what’ll be no more …” ~ Rob Halpern

*photo credits go to Mika Johnson, who generously captured the night's proceedings.

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