Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An Astral Project

~ for Conrad

For a discourse you are like a dust
in the glass half-drunk outside us
or me an eternity of cells reanimate

aims recognitions zig-zag make
energy rise out of body counts four
suicides per second the way capital

keeps time in China live elevators
dead labor but your body won't
be a slave to no body susceptible

projects learning astrally virtual be
cause one has to die to make the
poem one sings of crystals Berkeley-

like worlds of bodies taking images
of bodies bodies taking-in these
images should we be univocal energy

in any other form your conversation
loans me a place of debt is where
I comes from becuase our life of pet-

itions is not objective your haunted
places became batteries for loops
surviving chakras displaced number.

Like that glass ½ empty yet full of you
we found our names in a 'now time' we
Would try to describe you site the pla

ces of a city that once were you and are
still you in some sense of the facts 'if
one is to resort to a simile the simile

better be pretty fucking good' numbers
were energy and crystals images indica
tive of bodies in motion organicity is his

tory written because it’s here where we
walk and talk between alleyways and all
the carriage houses snug with outcry

from that beyond of our life as it is lived
and constitutes an economics beyond
money or force alone no other metonym

than what says how we were here and
sometimes now and thereby redeemed
by waiting by simply waiting among

these ‘Cartesian phantoms’ other folk
subjects before the thoughts of the dead
came back sore sparkling a wreck of I’s.

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