Monday, December 10, 2007

After Aimé Césaire

What wish your season in hell
affirms pus rejectamenta Species
beings what wants your time
forms Necessity given history

so lowly heaven asks the price
of culture prosaically tattooed
on the body claiming ressenti
ment productive for identities

despair of muck dejects contin
ents incontinent ungainly how
could we do anything other than
whip inventing sciences other

projects telescope I want you to
have this pound of flesh accept it
as a gift of death but there are
no take-backs no words enough

for anger management to not be
false a kind of finger to the flood
history is not just a nightmare when
it comes down to it but a hell we

must affirm should anything be
transformed an image of the col
lective a historical subject over
come if I would ever be you if you

would be I 'I is an other' you keep
doing it to me how to take the
names of all things "bad" or "good"
and fling them forget to forgive.

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